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Project Description:
Rogues On The Road is a culinary adventure show like no other because of its focus on sustainability and education.  It is all about what people who crave outdoor adventure and eating love to do: fish, hunt, laugh, and hang out with friends, have a beer at the end of the day and enjoy good food. In each episode, we see the Rogues On The Road, a dynamic duo, travelling across the US and Canada in search of the perfect way to catch, cook, and enjoy a gourmet meal produced by the finest chefs. They do this using ingredients they have fished, hunted and foraged for, alongside locally sourced produce. Along the way they teach the audience how and where to find similar ingredients and how to transform them into delectable delights.

The show hosts, Matt and Rich, based in Brewster, New York, commissioned me to design the Rogues On The Road logo. They wanted a distinctive logo that featured them as the “Rogues” and that encompassed all the elements of the show: travel, adventure, being on the open road, sustainability and fun. The design needed to be versatile enough that it could be used on: the TV show opening theme; the segue between the TV show and the advert breaks; the Rogues On The Road website; facebook page and twitter feeds. And all promotional material: electronic marketing kits; beer glasses; clothing and vehicle graphics etc. Alongside the logo, I created a set of branding guidelines for Matt and Rich to give to the vast array of people who are (and will be) working with them, and using the Rogues On The Road logo. These guidelines go some way to ensuring that the presentation of the logo is as consistent as possible across merchandise and social media.

Image credit; Suzanne Morris, Matt Froman and

Project Categories:
Graphic Design, Corporate Identity and Branding

Art Direction, Corporate Identity and Branding, Design for Print, Design for Web, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop, Typography

Summer 2012